Signs, signs, everywhere signs…

I snapped pictures of a couple signs around my neighborhood for your viewing enjoyment.  First up is “no fouling.”  I wasn’t sure what “no fouling” meant on the first sign I saw, but the second one had a helpful image that says it all:

no fouling

The second one also has a helpful picture, but I had to Google “no fly tipping” anyway:

fly tipping

So “fly tipping” is basically large scale littering.  Littering would be throwing your banana peel on the sidewalk. Fly tipping is leaving a whole bag of trash, or an old mattress, on the street.  Both of these things do seem to be pretty major issues right now – in fact, there’s a pile of soggy dry wall and construction waste just outside our building’s front door right now, and in the back, there’s trash (wood boards, a suitcase) piled against the wall behind the dumpsters.  Also, the recycling bins are overflowing (I think we were missed this week due to the mysterious bank holiday, but I’m still really not sure how all this works.)  This article was a pretty helpful start in understanding the waste disposal problems in the UK, but I’d like to ask a local about the specifics of trash removal in our area since I can’t find this information anywhere.  I have heard that we, as building tenants, can be fined £300 per household for this trash that other people are leaving in the wrong places, which would not be a good thing.

I will say that overall, Scotland seems to place much more emphasis on recycling than the U.S. does – at the university here, we have plastic, paper, tin and then “regular trash” bins in our office suite, and I see them at the little cafes around campus as well.  There are trash bins as well as recycling bins in the streets around the city center as well.

So, I’m getting better at checking the information on containers before deciding where to chuck them, and we have a bag for recyclables at home too.  +1 for Scotland.


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