What I’ve been up to this week

I am just about fully recovered from my “welcome to Glasgow” cold, and it’s been a full week of work, shopping, trying to get things done and hosting a guest (my partner’s friend has been staying with us since Wednesday night.) I spent the weekend recovering/buying essentials for the house, like groceries and a trash can (bin) with a working lid.  I was in the market for three personal things: a better, work-appropriate rain jacket, a big bag to haul my lunch, umbrella, etc to and from work, and appropriate shoes for the climate.  On Sunday, I found a pretty great jacket at Costco of all places.  Monday I spent the day wandering shops from Argyle St. to Buchanan St. and on the whole day only bought a bag.  The shoe mission has failed, and with rain in the forecast for the next 10 (yes 10) days, I am probably going to need to get used to wet feet.

In case you’re wondering why I was shopping and not working on Monday, well, that makes two of us.  It was a university (and bank) holiday, but no one I asked knew why.

It was back to work Tuesday, and classes just started here as well, which makes for really full subway rides and really packed sidewalks on the way to work.  I’ve managed not to have a panic attack in the subway yet, which is pretty good progress for me, really.  This week my major project was producing a newsletter, which went out yesterday, and now I’m compiling a whole bunch of information collected all over Scotland and will eventually be adding it all to the department’s web site.

I managed (on my second attempt) to register with a doctor here, the day after my U.S. health insurance ended.  Yay for national health care here! Apparently prescriptions are free in Scotland too.  I received my bank debit card and PIN this week in the mail, and deposited my first pay check.  Now I just have to wait A WEEK until it clears.  I should have just signed it over to my partner anyway, by the time I can access it, I’ll owe it all to him anyway for rent and utilities, and being my personal ATM until I can access my own money.  I’ve requested the paperwork for a National Insurance Number and should get that by mail next week.  I’m almost settled, in terms of major requirements.

My partner has suggested I blog about all the places we go (to eat/drink), but I don’t want to clog up the personal parts of the blog with pub reviews all the time.  So, I think I’ll create a separate page for tracking all of that, and I’ll link it once it exists in case anyone cares what I eat and where I drink.

Our house guest is off to a party tonight, so it’ll be a quiet night at home, probably spent figuring out what to do for the rest of the weekend while the weather is crap. I think I’m supposed to be making dinner but I just ate a bunch of chips and queso (thanks, Lupe Pinto’s) so I’m not even hungry.  Oops! I guess the tradition of having chips and dip + wine on Friday nights continues…


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