Two weeks until moving day

In fourteen days, I’ll be on a plane.  I have four more days of work and then a week to finish packing, cleaning, selling and finalizing.  Let’s start with what is done:

1. I signed my job offer letter and sent it back to HR.  I’m waiting to hear from my new boss on where to report on my first day of work.

2. Two of four bags are packed.

3. I think I’ve got everything going in the yard sale sorted out from what I’m keeping.  I have a couple small areas to re-check, but I can finish that tomorrow.

4. My important documents are sorted and copies are ready to go with mom.

5. I’ve got a plan for the car.

Okay, so what is left:

1. Get more boxes, and pack everything for storage

2. Haul everything for the yard sale over to my brother’s house.

3. Sell all the things.

4. Get my will written (pending).

5. Pack the last two bags that are going with me.

6. Clean the apartment and get my deposit back.

7. Turn off utilities.

8. Notify everyone else of my new address.

The yard sale is next weekend, and so is my friend going away party.  I’ve been lucky in that I’ve already had two going away parties thrown for me at work – one by my Staff Council buddies, and one by my department.  They were both lovely and I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with such nice, generous and fun people. 

I am still struggling to keep motivated and I’ve been dealing with tension headaches on and off all week.  You know it’s bad when they wake you up in the middle of the night.  But, this stuff is not going to pack itself, so I am trying to keep moving. I’m making small lists and trying to cross everything off – I should be able to finish the latest one tomorrow.

Anyone have any boxes I can have?


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